What We Do

Bounce Composites builds composite solutions, specializing in large thermoplastic composite parts. Additionally, we work with large format infusion of flat panel and shaped composite parts as well as compression molded or high-pressure bladder molded prepreg composites.



Research and Development

We want to partner with you from the beginning so that your production part meets or exceeds your expectations. Our team focuses on both the design and the manufacturability of your project to ensure the best results.



Having a prototype in your hand to test and show customers is essential. And, quick tooling for short runs can save a ton of money. Make sure your design is what you want before you move forward with production.


Tooling and Machining

We can design and build aluminum and composite tooling to fit your needs and make sure it works properly in our production environment.



Once your product is tested and ready, we can put you directly into production. Whether you only need a few parts a week or hundreds we can set up our production facility to suit your needs.