Bounce Composites offers services in thermoplastic composites, custom flat composite panels, clear coat finished composites, and compression molding and bladder forming of prepeg composites.

Thermoplastic Composites

We have invented and adapted processes that allow us to form large thermoplastic composite parts including hollow parts. Bring us your idea or problem. We will come up with a solution!

Bounce SUP Paddleboards, hand-crafted using Thermal Composite Technology (TCT). Learn More.

A hollow thermoplastic composite wind turbine blade built with Uprise Energy. Learn More.

Custom Flat Composite Panels

We have the ability to build flat panels up to 60″ x 96″. Solid laminates, sandwich panels, custom layup, custom fabric and resin choices. One panel or 100, we can get it done for you. Great for large architectural panels as well as nested small parts for drones, robotics, aviation, and more.





Specialty in Gorgeous Clear Coat Finished Composites

Crystal clear, UV stable, scratch resistant surface protects the custom composite layup of your choice. Whether it is carbon fiber, tinted resins, natural fibers, printed graphics, we can do it. We can create flat panels or thermoformed shapes to meet your product needs.


Compression Molding and Bladder Forming of Prepreg Composites

We use both pressure and vacuum, depending on the application, to form thermoset and thermoplastic 3-dimensional and hollow parts.