About Us

Bounce Composites was founded on a strong foundation. Initially incubated in 2010 inside of a major 35-year-old backyard hot tub manufacturer, The Bounce team already understood manufacturing and engineering principles and had a strong background in plastics and composites. The day came when it was time to push Bounce out of the nest, in February of 2013 to be exact. Since then Bounce Composites has grown from an expert in bladder formed thermoplastic composites to tackling multiple composite manufacturing challenges, and even some projects outside of composites.

After successfully launching our paddleboard project using thermoplastic composites we understood that not every project is right for thermoplastics. The right selection of composite fiber coupled with the right resin (thermoset or thermoplastic) was necessary to optimize the desired solution. This led us into infusion and compression molding techniques in order to “scratch our itch”.

By building a superior team of production personnel over the years, we have also taken on projects for customers outside of composites. These general manufacturing, assembly, and operations projects leverage our team to deliver desired results to our customers.

So, whether it is carbon, glass, aramid, natural fiber – whether it is epoxy, polyester, urethane, phenolic, or thermoplastic – or even something outside of composites – we want to talk with you about how to create the best solution! Our goal is to work with industry-leading companies with whom we find a kinship – a synergy between their products and our technology and ability. Our desire is for long-term relationships where we invest in each other and make our partnerships as successful and competitive as possible.

We invite you to bring us your products, problems, and questions.

Together, let’s discover what we can accomplish.

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